Business portal Development

We specialize in building iPhone apps, iPad apps and Android apps

Business portal Development

With the sudden exodus of the tech savvy generation from desktops and laptops to handheld devices, the IT industry has realized the indispensability of smartphones and handheld devices in expanding business and catalysing networking. Android, iOS, WinMo and Blackberry applications are being developed and launched into the market out of the woodwork in order to tap into the target market ‘on-the-go’.
Effectual Technologies is the Professional Mobile App Development Company that can help you expand your business and tap into the smartphone/handheld device market. The organic reach of a business that has expanded its enterprise to the handheld platform becomes manifold than its erstwhile plain desktop avatar and Effectual Technologies can help you bridge that gap between your business on the archaic desktop format to the handheld format. We develop applications that run without a glitch on your phone regardless of the platform. We are also skilled in developing mobile versions of your websites that scale flawlessly on a cell phone screen as well as it does on the desktop (a.k.a. responsive designs).
We make use of CSS and XHTML Development Services to develop mobile applications for you that are not only an extension of your business, business product and the goodwill associated with it, but also multiply business for you given that the staff at Effectual Technologies have years of understanding and experience from collaborating with business start-ups and enterprises and are some of the Best XHTML Programmers of San Diego Downtown.

  • Android – If you want an Android app designed, you do not need to look any further. We will develop the app based on your website on service and offer a customized solution for it.Click here to know more
  • iOS/iPhone – We develop apps for the iOS domain as well and have developed apps which have high ratings in the iTunes market, thus your business is in safe hands of you invest with Effectual Technologies. Click here to know more

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We offer best API (Application programming interface) to any web solution, software, website, mobile application or plugin.

Business portal Development

We have qualified team who can develop a efficient and innovative B2B and B2C portal for you which includes perfect designs, user friendlyness, attractive features and services to target your desired audience.

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Does your business require you to keep records of your sales, inventory and services? Have a unique idea that requires a database driven design? Not sure how you should