We have best skilled programmers

Our approach

We beleive transparency and communications play critical roles in the success of projects. We strive to become trusted advisors on tech/software questions for our clients, while keeping their business interests in mind. For startups we're glad to sign Mutual NDAs so they can comfortably elaborate on their ideas, which we then turn into a reality. We also beleive that in technology its seldom a 'one size fits all' solution, whether its choosing the right process or technology, so we approach every project with an open mind, and put various considerations into choosing the right processes/technology. Since most of our clients spend a significant amount of money on their products/ideas, we take utmost care in ensuring those monies are being spent in the right directions and aligning with our clients vision/expectations.

  • Our approach comprises of alpha and beta tests where our projects are test run by different programmers/testers who are savvy with the technology we implement.
  • We also conduct to information exchange sessions between the client and our team. Feedback is an absolute necessity in our work process and we are more than grateful to have our client’s valuable inputs to shape our work.
  • We present runnable prototypes for our clients so that they can test run it to their specifications and help us tweak the same further to suit their and their target market’s needs.
How We Work

Our work process


Our Leaders hold Education Degrees in Computer Science from Elite schools in the US hence offering the perfect foundation to build the team. With experience working


Our diverse set of skills and Experience start right at the top with our leaders demonstrating soft skills required on a daily basis. We have the right mix of technologies,


The project lifecycle starts with a detailed discussions with our clients of their goals and vision with their projects, which we turn into formal documentation and